Ohnly - Live healthy


Unsweetened Herbal-Tea. Zero sugar, sweeteners & calories. 100% organic. sparkling.

What's inside a bottle of Ohnly?

We want Ohnly to be a product that lives up to only the highest standards of what nature has to offer. This is why we only use certified organic ingredients.

Our ingredients are freshly brewed with cristal clear mountain spring water to gently extract the valuable herbal essences.
For a fresh finish we add a hint of organic lemon juice.

Our drinks are gently heated for a few seconds before bottling so that you can enjoy them longer.
We are honest
No colourings, preservatives* or flavourings
*Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007
We are strong
Based on the natural power of herbs
We are not sweet
No sugar, no sweeteners
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