After That Sugar movie follows a shelf check in Austrian supermarkets – Results fatal: Supposedly “healthy” drinks are full of sugar!

Last weekend we decided against the candlelight dinner and a movie night special – Sugar That movie was on our menu.

That film shows the Australian Sugar Damon Gameau of embarking as an experiment on a change in diet. He documented the fatal effects of a high sugar diet which finds the average, Western man as quite normal. Damon Gameau not consumed in his experiment but chocolate or junk food in excess, he focuses that are considered “healthy”, such as fruit juices, cereals or marketed as a healthy breakfast biscuits much more on food. He draws attention to the misleading of consumers through packaging and advertising of consumer products industry and shows us where all hidden sugar. The film makes it clear that the food industry clearly promotes the sugar-rich diet of the 21st century and targeted information about the danger which keeps proceeds from sugar by the public. The result is that most people know very little about the negative effects of sugar. He wants to shake awake consumers and advocates for sustainable change of diet and more critical consumers through his experiment.


This film was for us again “eye opener” and has again recalled how attentive we should be daily in the diet and in food. We have looked at this beverage shelves of Austrian supermarkets accurate and had to realize with horror that all drinks are full (except water) with sugar. For a healthy lifestyle, the World Health Organization recommends no more than 25g (6 teaspoons) of sugar per day for an adult depending on the age and less than 5 teaspoons per day for a child.

Here is a brief summary: (The sugar figures relate to the number teaspoon per 330ml)


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