Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental sustainability is important to us, our glass bottles are made from up to 80% reused glass and can be easily recycled. Glass is the healthy and environment friendly alternative to plastic. PET bottles are made of plastic and are often only used once. Some countries (e.g., Germany) have a plastic recycling system in place, however very often PET bottles land on the street or in nature. More than 6 million tons of plastic yearly end in rivers and oceans. On top of that, latest research suggests plastic and the use of PET bottles to be harmful for our health.

We want to create local value and decided to 100% produce and bottle in Austria.

Ohnly spice up + energise is made of ginger, curcuma and white tea, which does contain caffeine. Ohnly refresh + detox and cool down + relax are caffeine-free.

Yes indeed, we developed our recipes together with a tea and beverage expert.

There seem to be many ‘natural’ alternatives to sugar, namely honey, agave syrup, dates, coconut flower nectar and stevia. Yes, some of these are more or less natural but they are still sugars and do contain a lot of calories. And sugar makes you addictive, fat and unhealthy. We believe that we should all refrain from consuming sugar multiple times a day and since staying hydrated is an important part of everyone’s diet we believe staying away from sugary beverages is key. A beverage should refresh and energise which can only truly be possible without sugar.

Yes, we only use certified organic ingredients to produce Ohnly. We are certified by the EU Bio certificate and the Austria Bio Garantie certificate.

Yes, Ohnly is made a 100% from plants.

Yes, Ohnly pure brewed tea is made from herbs, tea and spices and has 0g sugars.

Ohnly is made from herbs, tea and spices. To round off the fruity profile we add a tiny bit of fresh citrus juice. The citrus juice leads to a neglectable amount of sugar in Ohnly, smaller than 0.1g per 100ml. Our product is 100% natural and thus not always 100% identical from one production run to another, to be completely transparent we decided to state the maximum possible calories, which is 1kcal per 100ml.

Why not, feel free to make a hot beverage out of Ohnly.

„Ohnly“ as a name is invented by Sonja and Michael. We want to express that ‘only’ the best of nature is used to make our beverage. The ‘h’ comes in as a word play and refers to the German word ‘ohne’ which means ‘without / no’. Ohnly is a product without sugar, sweetener or artificial flavours.

Ohnly is available as carbonated and non-carbonated beverage.

Yes, Ohnly received the Vegan Certificate.

We use only the best ingredients to produce Ohnly. Our ingredients are freshly brewed to gently extract the valuable herbal essences. For a fresh hint we add 100% directly pressed lemon juice. There is no need to add sugar or sweeteners or artificial aromas to produce Ohnly with such great taste.