Ohnly - Live healthy

Live healthy - drink Ohnly

We are not sweet
No sugar, no sweeteners
We are strong
Based on the natural power of herbs
We are honest
No colourings, preservatives* or flavourings
*Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007

pure brewed tea

Unsweetened, calorie-free and 100% natural – we wanted to create a beverage that can be the alternative to drinking water and has only goodness inside. While great taste was the main criteria we also wanted to refrain from artificial additives, flavours and preservatives.

We searched for inspiration on numerous travels and in grandmother’s herbal garden before we started to brew the first samples in our kitchen. We finally fine-tuned our herb combinations with a tea expert to reach a superior taste and benefit profile.

The result is a unique drink called Ohnly pure brewed tea!  Ohnly is a refreshing, thirst quenching herbal ice tea that combines the health benefits of organic herbs with the refreshing effect of an ice tea. It’s made without any sugars, sweeteners, aromas or preservatives, and only certified organic botanicals and has zero calories and no GMOs.