About us

Hi, we are invincible as a couple and great counterparts in the Ohnly business

Michael Goblirsch - proud Ohnly founder.

We share our passion for tasteful, nourishing and healthy food and drinks and are opponents to sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavours, highly processed and thus unreal ‘nutrition’.

For years we have been bothered by the non-availability of healthy alternatives to processed and unreal food and particularly drinks in daily life – no matter if in supermarkets, bars or cafés, office canteens or gas stations and kiosks, the only way to stay hydrated healthily seemed to be a (plastic!) bottle of water. With our brand ‘Ohnly’ we want to make a difference and close this gap in the market to fulfill the basic consumer need to live a healthy day without sugar and artificial additives but full of energy.

Already years ago we decided to quit processed food and sugar and started to follow a holistic diet based on real food as opposed to processed food. We try to avoid sugar (yes, all sugars including refined sugar, honey, syrups etc.), artificial sweeteners, low fiber starches and gluten. We believe that wellness comes from within. By following our ‘food philosophy’ we feel fit, vital and energized.