Sugar is addictive, makes fat and sick – Jamie Oliver also fights against sugar in drinks

2 years ago, a study was published which describes the causal relationship of sugar intake and obesity in the British Medical Journal. Accordingly, have children already after just one sugary drink (Attention, each juice contains sugar, a glass of orange juice, for example, 7 teaspoons of sugar) per day have an increased risk from obesity to cancer. The study thus establishes a clear link between sugar consumption and obesity. In addition, the study suggests that sugar makes you want more and more – more sugar, more carbohydrates, more food and drink than the body actually needs. In other other words, sugar is addictive!

Jamie Oliver has middle of this year its new program, Sugar Rush started ‘. ‘Jamie’s Sugar Rush’ is a documentary series that explains that obesity and type 2 diabetes are largely due to sugar. He reveals what is actually contained in supposedly healthy ‘foods and gives advice on how to live a healthier life with less sugar. Especially has it in for sugary drinks Jamie. Sugary drinks are one of the biggest problems, since it can be produced with these no satiety, and thus, empty ‘calories are consumed. The British Nutrition Society cites studies showing that it is difficult to spread the total consumption of sugar during the day to check if you, in addition to solid foods still consumed sugary drinks, and that such children are overweight by sugary drinks. Well that’s why Jamie calls as part of its program, the introduction of additional taxes on sugary drinks.

Jamie’s Sugar Rush is currently only available on Channel 4 in the UK. We had the opportunity to see the first episode and can you summarize the highlights so.

The episode starts with the 6 year old Mario gets operated on under general anesthetic his rotten teeth. It is followed by a visit to a clinic in people with type 2 diabetes feet amputated. The images are nauseating. The camera pans to the Jamie a tower of 40 sugar cubes Bautzen so much sugar takes every day to be British. (Based on a Euro Monitor study consumed the average German 44 cubes of sugar and the Austrians 36 lumps of sugar a day). At least now it is clear that Jamie Oliver with his new program takes up the fight against sugar. Children in particular should benefit from the anti-obesity strategy by Jamie. It shows images of Mexican babies fed with Coca Cola, from children in primary schools in England who do not understand that honey is sugar, and finally comes to his claim a 20% additional tax on sugary drinks to introduce.

Jamie speaks OHNLY from the heart, we support its program and would hope that the Channel 4 documentary series also here in Austria and Germany will be broadcast. Until then, you can watch excerpts on Youtube: #SugarRush

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